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Care Design System

About the Project

The Design System, or as we call it internally, the "Pattern Library", existed before me, but I have helped to add to it, refine it, and improve it in my 2 years working there. The main objective of the pattern library is to standardize the design across all platforms and create a unified brand. The vision is that all designers and developers will be able to plug and play components into their products. If the components themselves change, it will be updated universally across the site.

Our Process

Using Trello, the pattern library team self-assigns specific components that we want to write guidelines on. Once a component is chosen, the designer might do something like the following:

  1. Compile all of the different examples on our site where we are using something that closely resembles a "field selector"
  2. Find best practices for using these types of components
  3. Write the guidelines for the pattern library, complete with examples
  4. Review the guidelines as a team, once a week
  5. Once changes are made, add the guidelines to our master file, and coordinate with our lead developer to make sure the components are built as designed.

An example of my contribution

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