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The Challenge

"Design an app that is like Airbnb for boats."

In a nut shell, this mobile app will allow boaters to reserve places to "dock" their boats for any length of time.

Close reading of the business plan for the app (example below) showed that users needed the following:

  • View listings in both a map and list view
  • View a filtered list of spots after choosing their requirements (spot type, length of stay, size, etc.)
  • See a detailed view of any spot to make sure it meets their needs
  • Reserve the listing and pay in-app
DockAnywhere user flow

Problem Solving

For design inspiration, I looked at Airbnb and Redfin, noting their reputation for ease of use, and similarity in concept. Here I found aspects of their designs I wished to implement, and aspects I thought I could improve upon or alter for my specific use.

Mockup Screens

Using the design inspiration from Airbnb, Redfin, and a few other apps, I made the following screen designs and combined them into a click-through prototype app called Flinto.

In this click-through prototype, a user was able to see the screens used when :

  • Seeing listings in both map and list views
  • Reserving a boat space
  • Listing a boat space for rent


With this new design, users can easily find and book dock space in just a few screens.

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