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OnTrack Student Platform

Final Prototype:

Tools Used: Webflow, Omnigraffle, sketchbook

The Project

I was asked to redesign a web platform that allowed students to watch videos online about preparing for college, and be tracked and assessed by their school counselors. This meant that I needed to design separate, but interacting platforms for the following groups of people:

  • Students
  • Mentors
  • School Counselors
  • School Administrators

Below is a screenshot of what the platform looked like originally.  It immediately became clear to me that the visual design needed a “makeover”, but as I later assessed the UX of the site as well, I found many more things that could be improved there as well.

Original platform as designed by an outside engineering firm

Research and Competitive Analysis

I spent the first week exploring the platform as a user and trying to understand what the user flows were for each type of user (student, mentor, counselor, and school administrator). I was given access codes to all the platforms and told to explore them as if I were a user.

Concurrently, I explored web platforms that accomplished similar goals of making video content accessible on the web.

I looked for similarities in how they presented information, how they “gamified” the user flow, and what features they utilized that OnTrack did not have. 

I presented my findings at the end of the week, making recommendations for each individual feature I felt necessary to change and/or improve. Below is an example of 2 slides from that presentation.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 5.41.32 PM.png
Presentation slides on research and competitive analysis on learning resource libraries


I immediately started sketching and wireframing all of the platforms. Below is an example of an annotated wireframe that I presented to the team.

Hi-res wireframe of the student homepage and profile

Live HTML prototypes made in Webflow

The developers were accustomed to receiving Photoshop mockups, but I wanted to make sure that the final product had all of the interactions and mobile functionality correct.

I decided to use Webflow, which creates responsive, clean and usable html and css, complete with all of the flows and interactions that I wanted to have. 

The intent here was to create a prototype that was visually correct and had interactions that simulated a working product. I then created another document full of specs and interaction clarifications for the developers to use as needed when they rebuilt the site.  Below is an example from that document:

Specs and clarifications of the student homepage (part of a 46 page document)


Here is a link to the final interactive prototype made in Webflow. After I delivered the prototype, along with a long document of specs like the page shown above, the project was handed over to external developers.

After contacting the company one year later, I received this message from their content director: 

"We've more than tripled our number of partnerships from last year to this year (5 to 17) and I would not be surprised if we're up to 30-40 partnerships with schools and after school organizations by next year. Your improving our site's look definitely helped with that!"

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