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Piper Website

The Product

Piper is an educational product for children ages 6-12. It is a build-it-yourself computer that once built, will load a game that teaches them about computer electronics. This product is marketed towards parents and educators looking to jump-start their kid's career in engineering.

While the product was doing well on Amazon with all 5-star reviews, the website did the product no favors.

Improving the website

In order to improve the website, I made the following overarching goals for myself. I knew I had to focus on accomplishing the following above all else:

  1. Maximize usability of website
  2. Make it clear what the product is and what it does
  3. Maximize the number of users that buy the product on the website
  4. Improve the aesthetic design and make it look more professional

My Solutions

In order to accomplish my goals, I made the following changes:

  • Consolidated the number of links on the top navigation to reduce confusion and make it more likely they will buy the product.
  • Reduced color noise on the site to give users a focal point (the buy now button).
  • Create a 3-step model to give users a way to easily understand what the product is.
  • Made it easier for users to see the product with a solo product photo at the top of the page.

Other Pages

Following similar goals and guidelines, I redesigned all of the other pages using the same branding, layout, and color scheme as the homepage. A key goal here was to ensure visual consistency across the site.


As a result of the new web design, Piper increased its sales significantly. It also helped customers answer frequently asked questions more easily, and navigate the site more effectively.

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