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'Selfish' Mobile App

Tools used:  Sketch and Adobe Photoshop (mockups), Apple Keynote (slide presentations)

About the Product

Selfish (now Storia) is a social application that allows friends to make collaborative stories and share them as privately or publicly as they choose.  Coming in from a fresh perspective on the app, I was able to make some critical recommendations and designs that helped shape Storia to be what it is today.  

Identifying a Problem

Before I arrived, Selfish had been mainly designed by independent contractors, each with their own design styles.  This resulted in a "collage" effect for the product, where there was no unified visual design or UX strategy.  Part of the challenge was also to align key stakeholders who turned out to have differing visions on the product.

Finding a Solution

The primary issue at hand was the need for a clear design strategy in terms of user experience.  I identified key user types and illustrated their stories to deliver one unified vision for the product.  Here are some examples from that presentation:

To see the entire slide deck, go here.

Clarify and Iterate, Iterate, Iterate

In the ensuing conversations with the product manager and the founders, a larger problem became clear to me. 

To succeed, the product needed to focus on one key feature and do it well instead of trying to be all things to all people.

In this case, Selfish was trying to allow users to share very personal stories among close friends, but also allow users to publish very public stories to be read far and wide.  I made this issue very clear to the cofounders, and allowed them to choose which path to pursue.  These slides accompanied that discussion:

To see the entire slide deck, click here:


Now known as 'Storia', this product has a much more cohesive design style and a more focused offering, and appears to be gaining traction.

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