Hi, I’m Alice, and I believe that

Good design is all about clarity.

I'm a Senior Product Designer with 9+ YOE in SF. I recently worked for Vendr on the SaaS Marketplace team. I'm a former science teacher, and I specialize in education platforms and 2-way marketplaces.



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Trusted by product and design leaders
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Alice is a fierce advocate for users, a strong designer with great intuition, and a willing teammate who will take on any task, big or small.

From the moment she joined [Care.com], Alice helped the group focus the company on listening to users and helped us build out our user research team.  Alice's exceptional work on our caregiver experience squad elevated NPS scores for an incredibly important component of our business. Overhauling the entire user experience was a challenge, and the improvements made contributed to a 40% increase in overall revenues. I would recommend Alice for any design team that requires both thoughtful research, data analysis and design for products that aim to solve problems for users and the business as a whole.

Todd Griffith

Senior Design Director @ Rue Gilt Groupe

Alice doesn't avoid asking the difficult questions, always advocating for the user.

Alice is quite passionate about designing the best possible user experience. She doesn't avoid asking the difficult questions, always advocating for the user. She works very hard and is able to learn new skills when given the opportunity. I enjoyed working with Alice [at EdSurge] and look forward to watching her career develop. I would enjoy working with her again in the future.

Aaron Tate

UX Manager @CHG Healthcare

Alice is an amazing design partner.

We took on 20+ projects together for the [Hired] Candidate team, and Alice delivered on every single one to huge success (e.g. increasing new user conversion 40%). She always brought data into our process when discussing solutions, and I’ve never seen a designer create high quality mocks as quickly as her to visualize our options.

I’d highly recommend working with Alice if you ever get the chance!

Marshall Guttenberg

Principal Product Manager @ Segment

Alice is highly collaborative and fun to work with!

Alice joined the Hired team and jumped right in, making recommendations on everything from the user experience, to the tools we used, to our design processes. I particularly enjoyed the fantastic Design Sprint that she ran for our Candidate Experience Strategy.

Jodi Alperstein

VP & GM of Product, Twilio-Segment

A little FAQ

Why did you switch from teaching to UX?

Teaching is something that is extremely difficult and equally rewarding. I'll never regret the 4 years that I taught Biology in urban schools, and the students that I influenced. When it came to choosing a career, however, I felt that I could make a much bigger impact on the world by designing for the masses.

What are your strengths and weaknesses in design?

My expertise (and passion) in design are mostly geared towards UX and strategic thinking. I work best when I can partner closely with product managers, engineers, and data analysts to create measurable improvements in a product. My visual design skills are weaker by comparison, but from my experience, this is mitigated by companies having comprehensive design systems.

How does your career in teaching influence your design work?

I firmly believe that teachers have a competitive edge when it comes to transferring those skills to UX. Here is a quote from my blog article:

"In order to improve your product, you need someone experienced in routinely doing just that. Teachers have years of experience doing user research, prototyping, and user testing.  Every day they get immediate, harsh feedback on poorly planned lessons, then come back the next day with an improved iteration.  Especially in cases where the teacher is so far removed from their students, teachers must become experts in empathy, and practice it daily."

What is your dream role?

I look forward to working at a company where I can influence the product direction in meaningful ways and help common people. I like working closely with PMs, SWEs, UXRs, and data analysts to constantly improve metrics across a product. I'd love to work with a design team to continue to develop my skills in areas that I am weaker. I want to work somewhere with a strong mission, brand, and business model. Education technology will always draw my interest, but other industries interest me greatly as well.